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LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Fruity Loops Studio) (3xOsc) Tutorial

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Fruity Loops Studio) (3xOsc) Tutorial Hard Trance

There are quite a number of you who want to learn how to create the main riff of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

3xOsc Hardstyle Screech FL Studio Creating Synths

3xOsc Hardstyle Screech

Using FL Studio and Pro 53 (Sound Sync Fail) Brennan Heart Face The Enemy

The midi pack you see in the video is ‘The Jackhammer Midi Pack 4′
Melody: Brennan Heart – Face the Enemy

Both FL Studio and Pro 53 are currently in demo (you probably noticed).

Hardstyle Tutorial Step by Step Zebra Lead Synth by Yhimself

A tutorial on how to make a lead synth similar to the williams syndrom – emotions with zebra

Pay attention to the evolution of melody at the end

How To Make A Complicated Hardstyle Track and Melody Version.

A tutorial on how to make a hardstyle track. The complicated one with intro
FL Studio 9 : vsti plugins tutorials for make hardstyle

FL Studio 9 Tutorial: How To Make A Hardstyle Track + intro. Complicated version. Ep 2

Scooter – J’adore Hardcore (( Remake with FL Studio ))

Scooter – J’adore Hardcore (( Remake with FL Studio ))

vsti nice scooter song fl studio project

How to..create Hardstyle in Fl Studio 8-9 – Tutorial – like Headhunterz, Technoboy.. Part 3 – techno

Recomended Song hardstyle made in fl studio 8

Technoboy Part.1 techno trance hardcore jumpstyle a-lusion blutonium boy beat making dj zany producer d-block s-te-fan scooter alpha twins showtek mark sherry vice noisecontrollers davide sonar

Trance production tutorial FL studio :: trance bass,basic equalising,arping melodies,sidechain

This video shows how to make dinamic uplifting trance bass instead of simple offkick one,cutting low freq. ,making sidechain and vsti plugins

Categoría: Música
petar tutorial trance production mixing bass eq arping melody sidechain armin asot tiesto paul van dyk FL fruity loops

FL Studio Tutorial – Hardstyle Lead Vanguard tutorials free plugins tutoriales

Hi, im showing you how to make a simple hardstyle lead here. so its pretty straight forward.

i got this tutorial idea from this gineous


im sorry you cant hear the song while im recording. but i play it at the end of the video..

Hope you enjoy :)
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Tutorial: How To Make A Hardstyle Track (FL Studio 8) with pro-53


Here is my tutorial on how to make a short hardstyle song on FL Studio 8 XXL.



It’s more professional to create your own sound, instead of using a preset sound. I’m using Pro 53 to make my sound, but you can use other VST.

It’s very difficult to make a nice catchy melody! I made a simply melody ;)

The first beat is just an easy techno beat! 4 kicks and the bassline =)

To make your song more interesting you have to add some FX sounds!

I used the reverse of Vengeance Essentials Club 2. You have to place the reverse before the whole melody comes in!

Again you have to add some nice sounds to your track!

I changed the melody because after that changing another beat kicks in (Hardstyle Beat).

Use very hard kicks! If you want to you can add some effects to it! I am using 2 Hard Kicks at the same time!


Now You’re Done! Thanks for watching!
Hope you enjoyed! ;)

Check out my other tutorials!

vsti plugins fl studio
fruity loops fl studio xxl producer edition xRob3rtx tutorial how to make hardstyle track song with hardcore techno dance beat beats pro 53 synth sound kick reverse DJ Robert RZ Productionz vec2 awesome exporting mp3 rapidshare.com download nexus vanguard fm8 z3ta+ power showtech megamix republic 2008 remix mix hardkore tut howto create

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